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Are you feeling downtrodden? Helpless? In need of assistance and support? Community Vision Development Programs, LLC, can provide you with the care and help you seek. Not only this. We do some services at the comfort of your own homes.
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image1710 Douglas Dr. N., Suite 230
Gloden Valley, MN 55422
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Image Community Vision Development Programs, LLC seeks innovative ways in an ever changing support delivery system to support and empower participants and support professionals to ensure participants fully benefit from their specific programs. Programs are periodically reviewed and updated daily by each participant’s support professional.

Our training is an ongoing process as we adopt to ever changing statutes to remain in compliance and to effectively and efficiently support all our participants in achieving their goals. We are set out to making a difference in the lives of all our participants that can last throughout their life time and utilizing substantial resources to adequately equip ourselves with the necessary training and tools to meet that goal is worth undertaking. Excellence, individual-focused and effectiveness in our support delivery will be the mark of success and nothing less. Periodically we hold ourselves accountable by ensuring staff and support professionals engage in training programs to enhance our ability to deliver. Training is required and incentive oriented for maximum participation and not limited to lectures, videos viewing, hands-on activities, mastering simulations, and etc. necessary for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to perform respective duties.

Please contact us for more detail information about admission for any prospective participant(s). We have competent and compassionate staff that will answer all your questions or concerns regarding our services.