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Are you feeling downtrodden? Helpless? In need of assistance and support? Community Vision Development Programs, LLC, can provide you with the care and help you seek. Not only this. We do some services at the comfort of your own homes.
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Service Areas

Supported Living Services

The purpose of this service is to teach specific skills to a person who requires daily intervention. Daily intervention means providing ongoing supervision, training or assistance to help the person reach his/her individual goals in the following areas: self-care, sensory/motor development, interpersonal skills, communication, reduction and/or elimination of challenging behaviors, community living, mobility, health care, leisure and recreation, money management and household chores. There are two types of SLS Programs, for children and adults.

Supported Living Services (SLS) for Children: Services provided to persons under 18 years of age who require daily staff intervention due to severe behavior problems, medical conditions, physical deficits and/or lack of adequate survival skills that result in the family’s inability to maintain them in their home. SLS for children may be provided in a:

  • Family style home with no more than three other persons;
  • That is outside of the biological or adoptive home; and
  • Where the home allows for community integration

Supported Living Services (SLS) for Adults: Services provided to adults who require daily staff intervention due to behavior problems, medical conditions, physical deficits and lack of adequate survival skills. SLS for adults may be provided in:

  • Adult foster home
  • Community
  • Person’s own place of residence

County Case Managers/Social Workers are responsible for making the necessary referrals for qualified prospective participants in both programs. We are accepting referrals to provide Supported Living Services to qualified individuals or prospective program participants. County Case Managers/Social Workers are encouraged to fax in their referrals or fill out an online referral. Our staff respond to referrals in in a timely manner, hence in the order they are received.