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Are you feeling downtrodden? Helpless? In need of assistance and support? Community Vision Development Programs, LLC, can provide you with the care and help you seek. Not only this. We do some services at the comfort of your own homes.
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Gloden Valley, MN 55422
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Service Areas

Personal Care Assistant

The primary purpose for Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services is to help families care for their loved ones. They need a break in order to fulfill a dignified life of their own. It is also for individual need or qualification. This type of service is where one lives in the comfort of their own home while they receive the type of care they require at a most reasonable cost. Personal care assistance are non-medical services to help people live an independent and productive life while getting help with daily living both at home and in the community.

When qualified for Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services, a qualified Personal Care Assistant (PCA) will work with you or your loved ones in providing human assistance with their disabilities and needs with those stipulated in the care plan provided by a care team. That includes you and the individual receiving services and/or the individual responsible party. Under the Personal Care Assistance Program, seniors and other individuals with disabilities can continue living in the comfort of their own home, with their family or independently in the community as they receive the type of quality care they need.

All our Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) are trained to care for the elderly with special health care needs. Individual needs vary from person to person according to the individual risk assessment or care plan. A qualified professional (A Registered Nurse), in consultation with the individual’s care team including the individual, the physician and/or the individual responsible party, develops this plan of care to ensure that the individual’s healthcare needs are met. Individual needs may include Activities of Daily Living (ADL):

  • Grooming
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Mobility and Transfer
  • Grooming
  • Walking
  • Medication Reminders
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry